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Professional Bartender Tips
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Dave the Expert Bartender is determined to help other professional bartenders to be the best they can be when serving the public.  Here are valuable lessons for other potential expert bartenders.  
 --Drinking alcohol affects the Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC). It is illegal to drive with a BAC that is .08% or more (.04%or more if you drive commercial vehicles; .01% or more if under 21 years of age. "One Drink" is a 1.5 ounce shot of 80 proof liqour (even if mixed with non-alcoholic drinks), a 5-ounce glass of 12% ABV Wine, or a 12-ounce glass of 5% beer. These "one drink" equivalents change if drinking ale, malt liquors, fortified wines, port, brandy, different proof liquor, or drinking on an empty stomach, are tired, sick, upset, or have taken medicines or drugs.
Time from 1st Drink90 to 109lbs110-129lbs130-149lbs150-169lbs170-189lbs190-209lbs210lbs & up

Common Bartending Slang Terms:

  • Back - Serve Water, Coke or other liquid on side.
  • Comfortable - Add Southern Comfort
  • Very Dry - Delete Vermouth from Martini
  • Beer Diaper - Provide Napkin
  • Doggie Style - Add Salt on Rim
  • Double - Twice the amount of liquor in same glass
  • Mexican Style - Add Tequila
  • Neat - No ice serve at room temperature
  • NFL - No Fucking Lime
  • On the Rocks - Pour over ice in Rocks Glass
  • Screaming - Add Vodka
  • Screw - Add Orange Juice
  • Straight Up - Chilled with no ice in drink
  • Tall - Same amount of liquor in a collins glass
  • Virgin - No Alcohol in cocktail


Expert Customer Awareness:
1. Don't Over Pour
2. Don't Under Pour
3. Don't Play Bouncer or Hero
4. Don't Over Intoxicate Anyone

Key Phrases When Serving Over Intoxicated Patrons:
"I'm sorry, but you shouldn't have another drink, I wouldn't want you to have a problem driving home."
"Let me give you a coffee or coke. Another drink may make you sleepy and that never ends well on the road."
"I've arranged a taxi to take you home tonight in the meanwhile how about some refreshing soda or water."
"Never use the word 'Drunk' when conversing with a customer becuase it is a degrading and insulting word."

Helpful Bartending Facts To Know:
1. Body weight affects alcohol absorbtion and determines when a person is considered legally drunk.
2. Time affects absorption. The longer the time between drinks the lower the BAC.
3. Food Slows Absorption of alcohol.
4. Medications can interact with alcohol to intensify affect.
5. Coffee does not lower BAC, only time will relieve the body of alcohol in the bloodstream.

Helpful bartender tips
Dave offers helpful tips to improve the service and performance of other professional bartenders.

Bartender Service Tips
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Expert Bar Customer Service Tips:

Be Friendly - Expert Bartenders are expected to be pleasant, friendly, smile and say "Hello"

Serve Ladies First - When serving a group serve the ladies first.  The courtesy provides them the feeling of being special. 

Carefully and Loudly Count Change - When a customer gives you a bill larger than a single dollar, call out the denomination of the bill.

"That's $3 for the beer out of a $5."

"It's $17 out of this $50 bill?"  

Sometimes  a customer may think they gave a larger bill or smaller bill than they actually did. When making change, leave bill from customer on the tray of cash register until you have made proper change. As you give change count it out loud.

Don't get involved in Controversy - Polititics, religion and social issues should never be discussed by the bartender.  Even though you may discuss a point that both you and the customer agree on, many other customers sitting at the bar ma overhear you and disagree.  Hard feelings are easily cause and enemies easily made without noticing or knowing it. Expert Bartenders keep their opinions to a bare minimum or to themselves completely on controversial matters.

Never Argue - Don't argue with a customer about anything, even if the customer is wrong. Don't argue with fellow employees eitherPeople are at the bar to relax not listen to arguments.

Definitely Play Favorites - If someone tips well, pay more attention to them and likely you'll be rewarded further. If someone does not tip well or routinely high maintenance it's natural their sense of priority decreases during your busy times.

Be Neat - Your duties as a bartender will include keeping your bar spotless and dry.  Give the customer a dry napkin with every drink.  Immediately remove empty glassware or any mess left behind by customer and keep your area as unclutterred as possible. 

Expert Bartenders Treat Alcohol like any other Private Property:
1. Expert Bartenders Don't Waste Alcohol
2. Expert Bartenders Don't Drink Alcohol (on duty)
3. Expert Bartenders Don't Steal Alcohol
4. Expert Bartenders Don't Give Alcohol Away unless working an open bar
5. Expert Bartenders Accurately Account For Alcohol Inventory 

Dave, the expert bartender, has many other bartending tips and advice. Feel free to contact the expert with any bartending or serving questions.